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 what's the biggest project anyone's taken? My dad owns a few acres out in the country, and I'd love some tips on how to start. Obviously it won't be very big, but before I've really only dug... well, down. been kinda scared of it collasping behind me. so... how do i get around that? I would assume I could just put up wodden supports behind, but... lol. no desire to get caved in.

so please, any tips? I would really appreciate them.


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I wish I had a large lot to dig on. I miss digging large fox holes to hang in for no reason. When I lived in So Cal I once dug a 10'x7' by 5' deep hole, and put 2x4's over it for a roof. It was great way to beat the heat
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my dig.

welcome to the Dig. please post your digging projects, found underground worlds and other various pieces on the community. my current project consist of a hole a little bigger than this:

behind a resturaunt. i am running into cement and rocks of all nature so I am going to need to bust through those before I proceed further. additionally with winter here the ground is bound to be cold and hard.

digging tunnels is lotsa fun but it sure is a whole lot of work if all you have is a shovel. it could be worse of course. Shawshank Redemption anyone?
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